Valent Professional Products

The Challenge:

Work alongside a leading design agency to create a fun, tailgate themed outdoor exhibit space that encourages attendees to enter and spend time in a fully branded space.

Client needs:

• Merge Valent brand with tailgating/football theme.

• Tent with no posts in center of the exhibit space for an open space.

• Everything must be branded – the tent, decor and the floor too if possible.

• Attendee comfort is a must!

• Client wants turnkey solution. No setup. They just show up and sell.

The Solution:

We worked with Memphis-based advertising agency Archer Malmo to create a custom environment with the look and feel of a football tailgate. Following Archer Malmo’s design vision, we went to work!

We fabricated a custom scoreboard with a printed graphic front.  Due to the potential for 20 mph winds during the show, this piece was secured on-site by burying the posts two feet in the ground. Tailgate tables and chairs, as well as cornhole games were placed to encourage attendees to not only enter the exhibit space, but spend time afterwards.

Inside the tent, we laid Astroturf, and spray-painted yard markers; the Valent logo featured at “midfield;” and the Valent name was placed in the “endzone” entryway. Custom cut graphics in the shape of jerseys were created to show each Valent product. Ceiling fans and floor fans were placed to keep the tent cool during the hot August days of the show.

In the rear of the tent, we erected a mock “Jumbotron,” on which a 65” monitor was mounted, and the monitor was connected to four directional speakers which projected sound throughout the tent and open area in front. Around this monitor, more custom cut graphics featuring the Valent products were placed. Archer Malmo created a sports style “Highlight Show” of Valent products in action, which looped on the Jumbotron. In between highlights, country music played to promote a relaxed and inviting atmosphere.

After years of setting up their exhibit in the hot sun, the Valent staff were thrilled that their role this year would be to “show up and sell!”

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