Weidmann Electrical Technology

The Challenge:

Create a 30×30 custom exhibit that integrates Weidmann’s US presence with the company’s larger Global brand.

Client needs:

• Clean but functional design.

• Private conference room

• Strong corporate ID, both in exhibit presence and graphic space. Due to show regulations prohibited hanging structures from the ceiling.

• 4 separate workstations for different segments of the Weidmann company

• Accessible storage closet

The Solution:

  • A cookie cutter exhibit just won’t cut it for this project!  We fabricated a custom split-purpose main structure with a side entrance  walk-in conference room and rear entrance storage room. A mural graphic of the Weidmann world map highlights Weidmann’s global presence, and a wipeboard above the conference table brings functionality to the meeting space.
  • The outside of the split-purpose main structure features four workstations with monitors mounted directly to the structure, and custom built counters which emphasize European influence of straight lines.  These custom counters are designed to be freestanding and can be used as part of smaller exhibits throughout the year.
  • The main structure is connected to two 12 foot tall graphic towers by a custom built twenty-five foot long horseshoe fabric structure.  The Weidmann name features prominently above this on a ten foot wide 3D letter logo.
  • Two custom reception counters are constructed with red laminate tops that closely matches the Weidmann corporate red.

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