We serve every aspect of your trade show schedule, and that includes shipping and warehousing.  Many exhibit companies only focus on new exhibits, but Limitless Exhibits handles everything.  We even design our exhibits to minimize future shipping and setup costs! detailed around superior depth around super jackpot. See how in this case study! 

Our mission is to save your company time and money, while delivering top-notch service.

Our services include:
  • Centralized warehousing for trade show materials outside of Memphis, TN allows for reduced transportation costs.
  • Low storage rates near the bottom of the trade show industry.
  • New exhibit builds designed to minimize shipping and storage costs, including 1 crate island exhibits!
  • Pre-show pictures of every exhibit that leaves our facility so you see your exhibit before it leaves our door.
  • Pre-printed shipping labels and BOL’s so your reps aren’t left guessing on the show floor
  • Comprehensive online inventory management and online client interphase


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